The most powerful way to catalog and manage your collections.

CatalogIt is an application for documenting the stories of physical things. Each story begins with a single item — where, how, and by whom it was made; what it was used for; and how it came to be where it is today. As an item’s story unfolds, it is enriched with relationships to other items, people, and places based on shared physical characteristics and history. CatalogIt makes it easy to discover those interconnected stories, record them in detail, and present them in an accessible, inspiring format.


CatalogIt delivers


Use research-backed classifications to capture the pertinent details of each entry and automatically link entries based on shared characteristics such as people, places, techniques, materials and more.


Manage collections with colleagues in your home, office, and around the world; control access and permission levels, and collaborate in real-time to seamlessly classify, manage and share entries.

Mobile, WEB

Access your collections from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  Create an entry with the camera on your smartphone and it’s immediately available for you or your colleagues to view and edit from any device.

Browsing & Viewing

View and access your collections via images rather than scrolling through lists of text and numbers.  Take advantage of the high-quality camera in your phone or tablet to effortlessly add images to your entries.

A Secure,
Cloud-Based Solution

No need to purchase new hardware or worry about backups and maintenance. CatalogIt is a secure, hassle-free service that is always available, anywhere, anytime. It uses strong, industry standard encryption and techniques to keep your data secure and accessible.

A Platform
for Engagement

Easily generate custom reports and labels; post entries to your Facebook page, Instagram account, website, or blog to maintain visibility, attract visitors and start conversations.

Early access

CatalogIt is coming soon- it will be available via the web, the App Store, and Google Play. Request an invitation for early access to the App.

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Private collectors

CatalogIt enables private collectors to easily digitize and organize their collections utilizing a rich database of authoritative classifications, easily generate insurance and valuation reports, and access their collections anywhere.


CatalogIt empowers museum teams to work collaboratively, with each team member creating and building entries on his or her own computer, tablet, or smartphone. Guides and floor staff can access information stored in CatalogIt to provide quick, detailed answers to visitor questions.  Creating reports and labels is simple and intuitive.


Artists use CatalogIt to document the techniques and materials used in their pieces as well as the process of creation and inspiration, thereby preserving the complete story of each piece’s development. Create detailed listings of pieces for sale or exhibition and maintain records to track sold pieces.


Art conservators use CatalogIt to track the movement of objects from the client’s site to the studio or laboratory, to fully document condition issues, and to record each step of the conservation process in detail.  Quickly and easily create comprehensive client reports.


Collection consultants capture item information during site visits, make recommendations on organization and curation, and enrich clients’ catalogs with additional research and classification. Consultants can access all of their clients’ accounts, and navigate between accounts, from a single login.

art dealers

Art dealers use CatalogIt to create a searchable virtual inventory that they can share with potential buyers anytime, anywhere. The visual entries and detailed classifications in CatalogIt make it easy for dealers to promote pieces and collections on social media and across the web.

About us

CatalogIt was created by a group of ethnographic art lovers and long-time collectors. We share a passion for preserving the rich personal and historical narratives attached to objects, places, and people and searched extensively for a product that could help us capture and share those stories. After discovering that existing options either lacked basic functionality and fluency in the language of ethnographic art, or were priced far beyond the reach of most private collectors, we decided to create our own.

The CatalogIt team brings a diverse background to this mission — one that includes deep experience in Anthropology, Archaeology and museum work, as well as software engineering expertise and experience working with large-scale enterprise software systems for capturing, cataloging, and modeling large datasets. We have a long track record building superior Web and mobile software and applications, and are thrilled to be applying our unique skill sets to the problem of creating streamlined, modern cataloging solutions for the collector community.