Why choose CatalogIt?

Intuitive and Accessible

Enjoy intuitive navigation, data entry, and searching. Document the full scope of data associated with your items, from their materials, dates, and provenance to their historic and ethnographic contexts. Use detailed profiles to enrich your collections, building and revealing new relationships.

Collaborate anywhere, from any device

Access collections via smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Create an entry from your smartphone and it’s immediately available for your team to view and edit anywhere. Manage collections with staff and volunteers in real time and empower your team with workflow and organizational features.

Comprehensive Classifications

Explore numerous existing CatalogIt classifications, well researched sets of fields designed to precisely document different item types. Use these detailed ontologies to capture the characteristics of each item. CatalogIt conducts extensive research to develop classifications for diverse item types and periodically releases new ones.

Secure, Private, and Hassle-Free 

CatalogIt is a trusted, secure cloud-based service with modern and robust frontend and backend infrastructure. There’s no need for dedicated servers, backups, or concerns about maintenance, security updates, and system upkeep. CatalogIt keeps your data safe, private, and accessible to you 24/7.

Powerful Tracking and Reporting

Document the complex histories of your collection’s objects. Record and track accessions, loans, and exhibitions. Record your items’ condition, conservation, and location histories. Generate quick and customizable reports.

Easy Data Migration. Easy training 

CatalogIt makes migrating data from diverse formats and systems easy. When your migration is complete, quickly train staff and volunteers on the system, completing a smooth transition. Import data incrementally as new objects arrive.

Selectively Publish to the Web

Publish collections to the web through the CatalogIt HUB or to your own website, using our API and WordPress plugin or iframe integration. Choose the data you wish to make public, and keep the rest private. Share your online collections with the world and amplify your digital impact.

Document Exhibitions and Watch Them Come to Life

Organize and track exhibitions from start to finish. Manage incoming loans and coordinate your own collections for planned exhibitions. Promote your exhibitions online through the CatalogIt HUB or your own website.


"It is easy to use and accessible on any device. I like the ability to see everything in one page and create my own folders to organize the collection as I would like."

Brienne Wong

Chinese Historical Society of America

California, usa


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5 GB

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Every subscription includes web publishing through the CatalogIt HUB.

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Key Features

  • Create detailed entries 
  • ~Start entries from your desktop or mobile device
  • ~Use authoritative object classifications
  • ~Record maker, dates, materials, techniques, and uses
  • ~Document multiple dimensions, numbers, and names
  • ~Attach photos and documents
  • ~Add live web links
  • ~Track exact, hierarchical locations 
  • Access via mobile and desktop, PC and Mac, iOS and Android
  • ~Link entries to people, organizations, places, objects, publications, and events
  • ~Use profiles to connect your entries and document relationships
  • ~Attach documents and images to profiles 
  • Use an incorporated authoritative lexicon to describe entries
  • ~Take advantage of Nomenclature 4.0 and the Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials
  • ~Capture Getty terms and IDs
  • ~Include search terms in your entries
  • Record accessions 
  • ~Automated accession numbering 
  • ~Use the default standard tripartite system or your own numbering pattern
  • ~Link donors, vendors and other sources to accessions
  • ~Document valuations and appraisals
  • ~Attach gift agreements, purchase authorizations,  and other documentation
  • Track condition and conservation
  • ~Document condition status and track over time
  • ~Create detailed condition reports 
  • ~Upload condition images
  • ~Record conservation treatment
  • ~Attach reports, summaries, images, and other documents
  • Document incoming and outgoing loans 
  • ~Create loan and shipping profiles
  • ~Link to the relevant entries 
  • Plan exhibitions, linking included pieces to your exhibition profiles
  • Intuitively create reports and labels 
  • ~Use standard report options- inventory, valuation, condition 
  • ~Create comprehensive, customizable reports 
  • ~Print customized labels, optionally incorporating QR codes
  • Import and export data 
  • ~Excel
  • ~CSV
  • ~JSON
  • Quickly locate information to respond to visitor and research requests 
  • Collaborate with your staff and volunteers to manage collections
  • ~Add multiple users 
  • ~Work simultaneously 
  • ~Use project management features such as tags and folders 
  • Easily train staff and volunteers 
  • Have confidence in high-security, encrypted, cloud-based storage
  • ~Your data and account information is yours only, never shared 
  • ~Safeguard original, unmodified images indefinitely
  • Selectively publish to the web
  • ~Publish to the web with the CatalogIt Hub
  • ~Publish to your own website with the API and WordPress plugin or iframe integration
  • Online or email support

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An image displaying the seamless migration possible from PastPerfect to CatalogIt

Transfer existing data. 

We migrate from numerous systems and formats, including PastPerfect, EmbARK, Eloquent, Mimsy, Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Koha, and many more.

Clean your data through the migration process. 

CatalogIt provides detailed reports identifying existing data issues and showing you how to quickly resolve them.


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