Easily transfer your data.

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We migrate data from diverse formats, making the process as seamless as possible. 

For formats like very simple spreadsheets, we recommend our import tool.

For more complicated migrations including such information as donor and source/accession profiles, hierarchical locations, repeating values, images, and other relational information we offer full-service assistance to transfer your data. 

Migrate Records From Your Prior Database.

If you don’t see your current collections software on this list, please check with us about migrating your existing collection database. We are happy to provide a detailed written estimate for your migration. We charge an hourly rate for our services with no hidden fees. 

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We support any system that allows you to export data into .csv or .xls files.

FileMaker Pro
Microsoft Access
Eloquent Archives
Microsoft Word

The CatalogIt Migration Process

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We work with you to export your data and easily provide it to us, via a USB drive, Dropbox, email, or other service.

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We map and migrate your data and images and we check back with you if any questions arise.  We carefully review the migrated data for accuracy, consistency, and quality.

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After the migration is complete, we provide you with your new account, a report detailing data anomalies, schedule a handoff meeting, and arrange for any additional desired training.

Level up with CatalogIt.

Our proprietary migration process often identifies duplicate records and other inconsistencies in your data, making your records cleaner than before. At the end of the migration, we provide detailed reports identifying issues and demonstrating how to resolve them.


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If you happen to be using PastPerfect 4 or 5, you’re in luck!

For a limited time, we are offering to migrate PastPerfect accounts for free, followed by a free 60-day full-use trial thereafter.

You’d be under no obligation whatsoever and if you decide not to proceed with CatalogIt, you’d just continue to use PastPerfect and we would delete your trial account.