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Imagine telling your collection’s stories by cataloging, maintaining, and sharing their rich histories. Streamline operations, empower your staff, and visually explore your objects.

Historical societies, cultural institutions, preservation societies, libraries, and archivists love CatalogIt- they can seamlessly train staff, work from any device, and optionally publish collections online. 

  • Authoritative data fields 
  • Accession, exhibition, loan, and location documentation
  • Workflow and multi-user capabilities
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Set of phones and laptop displaying a CatalogIt collection.
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Grow your passion for your objects by digitizing and protecting your unique private collection or capturing the story of irreplaceable family heirlooms. Expand the value and meaning of your objects and delight in visually exploring your collections-- all from the palm of your hand.

Collectors, family historians, artists, estate planners, consultants, and makers enjoy storing and accessing records while tracking acquisition, value, insurance, provenance, and more. 

  • Authoritative classifications for whatever you collect or create
  • Industry-superior security & privacy features
  • Attach documentation and receipts, generate insurance reports
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Bring to life your organization’s story through the histories, creative processes, and relationships among your objects and collections. Preserve and present the story of your organization by documenting and tracking the evolution of its artifacts and collections. Inspire and empower your team to learn from, explore, and add to the documentation of your organization’s history.

Corporate collections, businesses, galleries, learning institutions, foundations, consultants, and non-profit organizations appreciate tracking location, valuation, and acquisition information.

  • Comprehensive data fields capture objects’ physical properties and historic narratives 
  • Multi-user collaboration 
  • Optional web publishing, via the HUB or to your own website
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Set of phones and laptop displaying a CatalogIt collection.
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Preserve collections for future generations by organizing and managing projects for your various clients. Document an objects’ condition in detail, meticulously capture its conservation process, all while tracking each step for complete accountability.

Conservators, restorers, contract preparators, and collection technicians delight in digitizing, updating, and delivering complete records for multiple projects.

  • Condition and conservation-tracking capabilities
  • Document client details including insurance information
  • Workflow and project management features
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Web publishing.
Make your collections universal.

Share the Story of your Things on the CatalogIt HUB. Each subscription includes secure web publishing through the HUB, an online portal where you can select and control exactly the data you wish to share, displaying your collections in an online gallery format for the world to admire. Link to your online collections from your website, social media, and digital communications.

A laptop and phone displaying the CatalogIt HUB.

Add Ons

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API, WordPress Plugin & iframe integration

Publish to your own website, showcasing your collections’ stories and visual appeal while promoting your brand and increasing relevance and discoverability. Improve your SEO and promote your collections to the world.

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Additional Users

Additional users can be added to your account—staff, volunteers, family members—to view or collaborate in managing your collections.

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Additional Storage

Expand your collection's storage capacity in 100 GB increments to store more images, documents, audio, and video files.

Always secure.
Always private.

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Wherever you have internet access, you can manage your collections using CatalogIt. Browse, add photos-- even from your phone’s camera-- and  edit your collections via mobile or desktop, across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Image centric.

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You’re passionate about your collections and we’re passionate about helping tell their stories, track their value and condition, and enhance the experience of collecting.

With CatalogIt, enjoy documenting and discovering new connections within and among the items in your collections. Watch your items and stories come to life in full detail, each data point adding dimension, color, personality, and context. Preserve and cherish the stories of things in a vibrant, engaging format.

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