Firearms Classification Details

The CatalogIt Firearms classification is designed for collectors of antique, vintage, and modern firearms.

The classification provides you with a complete set of fields for documenting all of the important details of your firearms in a comprehensive, intuitive, yet esthetically pleasing format. We have tested the classification with a number of leading firearms collectors and experts to make sure it is the most relevant and useful collections management tool available.

Browse your collections wherever you are. 

Use the CatalogIt app to securely access and review your collections anywhere, anytime, on your computer, iOS, and Android devices.

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Firearms Classification Specifications:

With this authoritative classification, private collectors and museums can comprehensively catalog and track their collections. Built into this classification are fields which enable you to document all pertinent information related to every item in your collection including:

  • Secure, encrypted, and private
  • Manufacturer, place and date made
  • Legal status 
  • Caliber and cartridge capacity
  • Firearm type
  • Serial number(s)
  • NRA grading and condition
  • Value and Provenance
  • And many more!

Track the specific location of every item in your collection and track the change in value and condition over time. 

Does your collection include more than firearms? No problem! CatalogIt comes with tons of authoritative classifications to allow for documenting everything you have - from artworks to coins and furniture to baskets - CatalogIt.

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