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CatalogIt is an application for documenting the Story of Things. Each story begins with a single item — where, how, and by whom it was made; what it was used for; and how it came to be where it is today. As an item’s story unfolds, it is enriched with relationships to other items, people, and places based on shared physical characteristics and history. CatalogIt makes it easy to discover those interconnected stories, record them in detail, and present them in an accessible, inspiring format.

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Intuitive, User-Friendly, & Accessible

Intuitive navigation, data entry, searching, and profile creation. Detailed profiles enrich your collections, building and revealing relationships.

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Mobile, Web, & Real-Time

Access your collections via smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. Create an entry on your smartphone and it’s immediately available for you and your team to view and edit from any device.

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Image-Centric Browsing & Viewing

View and access your collections via images rather than lists of text or numbers. Use the camera in your phone to add images or upload them directly from your hard drive or image file.

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Multi-User Collaboration

Manage collections in real-time with your staff and volunteers anywhere, anytime – at the museum, from home, in the office, and in the field.

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A Platform for Engagement

Easily publish to the Web using the CatalogIt HUB or to your own Website using the CatalogIt API. Include only the entries and data you want to share.

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A Secure, Hassle-Free Solution

A secure subscription service. No need for special hardware, servers, or backups. CatalogIt uses industry-standard best practices to keep your data secure and accessible 24/7.

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If you happen to be using PastPerfect 4 or 5, you’re in luck! For a limited time, we are offering to migrate PastPerfect accounts for free, followed by a free 60-day full-use trial thereafter. You’d be under no obligation whatsoever and if you decide not to proceed with CatalogIt, you’d just continue to use PastPerfect and we would delete your trial account.

Are you an EmbARK user? We are offering six months of CatalogIt for free with every EmbARK migration.

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