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Personal Accounts feature a robust set of capabilities for the private collection and artist to manage their collections.

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Feature List

Account Type Personal
Record Detailed Attributes with Authoritative Classifications Standards
Detailed fields for each authoritative classifications x
Detailed fields describing the creator or manufacturer x
Fields to track other names & numbers x
Multiple dimension fields (with units options) x
Track the no. of parts of each entry (in a set) x
Materials x
Colors x
Relationships- related people, places, publications, and Entries x
Add Web links to Entries x
Current/Display or Storage Location x
Expanded Current/Display and Storage Locations
Condition x
Detailed condition
Nomenclature 4.0 Controlled Vocabulary
Lexicon/search terms
Item's Use Description
Item's Context Description
Precise, Up-to-Date Visual Documentation
Multiple images record item's distinctive features visually x
Safeguard original, unmodified images indefinitely x
Upload or create multiple derivative images for specific purposes x
Maintain Valuation Parameters
Appraisals or valuation assessments (professional and informal) x
Appropriate value indicators suggested by classification type x
Value-determinants captured visually with photographic images x
Value-determinants captured descriptively with precise, objective data fields x
Storage conditions or instructions can be indicated x
Multiple valuations x
General condition record x
Detailed condition records
Track Origination, Ownership History & Method, Sales/Transfers
Record Provenance x
Acquisition x
Disposition x
Accession Profile
Collection Profile
Workflow and Project Management
Detailed conservation x
Project Profile
Tracks which user performed task
Loan in/Loan out Profiles
Shipping Profile
Exhibition Profile
Interpretive label
Printing and Reporting
Standard Reports included x
Labels customization
Customized Reporting Capabilities
Insurance Information
Privacy Guaranteed, Sharing Controlled by Choice
Absolutely no data shared or sold x
No account or contact information shared (not even anonymized meta-data) x
Selectively Publish to the Web (via the CatalogIt Hub or optional plug-in) x
Control User access and permission-levels x
Secure, Private, Hassle-Free
High-security, encrypted, cloud-based information storage x
Reliable, subscription-based service (SaaS) x
Transferrable across most devices: mobile and desktop x
Access anywhere, anytime - maximizing ease and efficiency x
No special hardware nor manuals required x
Online help and email support x
Multiple, simultaneous users x

Personal Account Pricing:

Account Entries 0-100 101-2,500 2,501-5,000 5,001-20,000 Additional Users (+1)
Users 3 3 3 3
Annual Subscription (per month) FREE* $120 $180 $240 $36
($10) ($15) ($20) (+ $3)
Monthly Subscription FREE* $12 $18 $24 $3/mo

Optional Features Offered:

API for CatalogIt integration in User's website (Price/month): $20/mo

CatalogIt Personal Collector TESTIMONIALS

“I Really love this app. I have been an avid collector for over thirty years and this app is what helps me keep track of my collection... I have fully committed to the app, it makes collecting better because I do not have to search for or rack my brain looking for items. Once I have them in the app I can always find them easily. Thank you for this great idea.”  Private Collector

“Thanks for all your help and the creation of such a useful and powerful tool to manage all this information in so many different ways.”  Private Collector

“I love the fact that I always have my complete collection with me at all times through my iPhone- I can log in any time to view or edit, or to show items to my fellow collectors.”  Private Collector

“I've just started to play around with the personal version, and I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT. My grandfather was an artist... and I've started to rehouse and catalog his archive (our family art and papers, at large). CatalogIt is the perfect system and will allow us to track pieces scattered throughout the family…”  Collections Professional