Organization Account

The CatalogIt Organization Account is for entities with collection management and cataloging needs, that are not structured as museums. Such organizations include family office collections/archives, corporate or educational collections, and not-for-profits.

Subscription Plans


  • 100 Entries

  • 5 Users

  • No time limit

  • Free


  • 25,000 Entries

  • 5 Users

  • CatalogIt HUB

  • $30/mo*


  • 50,000 Entries

  • 5 Users

  • CatalogIt HUB

  • $40/mo*


  • 100,000 Entries**

  • 5 Users

  • CatalogIt HUB

  • $50/mo*

* Annual subscription pricing. Subscriptions billed monthly +20%.
** Plans are scalable for collections larger than 100,000 Entries.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Additional Account User (above 5): $5/mo* each

  • CatalogIt integration API & WordPress plugins to publish to your own Website: $20/mo*

Favorite Features

Family Offices

  • Track physical collections and archives in one system

  • Maintain detailed acquisition documentation

  • Collaborate with staff and colleagues globally to enhance and manage the portfolio

Corporate Collections

  • Manage and curate corporate collections

  • Coordinate viewing and maintenance of geographically distributed collections


  • Maintain documentation of collections in-house and on-loan

  • Easily track exhibit rotations, storage and location information

  • Publish a virtual gallery to the Web on the CatalogIt HUB for remote visitors to enjoy

Dealers, Galleries, and Auction Houses

  • Create a searchable virtual inventory to share with potential buyers anytime, anywhere

  • Visual Entries and detailed classifications make it easy to promote pieces

  • Give a virtual tour or talk on the Web, either publicly or to select patrons

  • Use the CatalogIt integration API and WordPress plugins to publish to your own Website

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Organization Testimonials

“Catalogit has been a big help to me ... It is so nice to have all the images laid out in one view rather than fishing through a bunch of individual files.” — Operations Manager at Art-Centered Non-Profit

“Loving the program!” — Professional Librarian

“I very much like the intuitive nature of the system. It is very easy to create records.” — Board Member, Non-profit cultural center

Partial Organization Client List

Detailed Feature List

Detailed Attributes with Authoritative Classifications Standards

  • Detailed fields for each authoritative classification

  • Detailed fields describing the creator or manufacturer

  • Fields to track other names & numbers

  • Multiple dimension fields (with units options)

  • Track the no. of parts of each entry (in a set)

  • Material Profiles

  • Color Profiles

  • Relationships- related people, places, publications, and Entries

  • Add Web links to Entries

  • Expanded Current & Storage Locations

  • Condition

  • Record item's Use

Visual Documentation

  • Multiple images record item's distinctive features visually

  • Safeguard original, unmodified images indefinitely

  • Attach images to both Entries and Profiles

Appraisals and Valuations

  • Appraisals or valuation assessments (professional and informal)

  • Allows multiple valuations

Origination, Ownership History & Sales/Transfer Methods

  • Provenance

  • Acquisition

  • Disposition

Workflow and Project Management

  • Detailed conservation

  • Tracks which user performed task

  • Exhibition Profile

  • Interpretive label


  • Loan in/Loan out Profiles

  • Shipping Profile

Printing, Labeling, and Reporting

  • Standard Reports (inventory, valuation, condition, artist catalog)

  • Insurance reporting

  • Customized labels

  • Customized printing & reporting

Privacy & Selective Sharing

  • Absolutely no data shared or sold

  • No account or contact information shared (not even anonymized meta-data)

  • Publish to the Web using the CatalogIt Hub or optional integration API and WordPress plugins

  • Control User access and permission levels

Secure & Hassle-Free

  • High-security, encrypted, cloud-based information storage

  • Reliable, subscription-based service (SaaS)

  • Works seamlessly on mobile and desktop, PC and Mac, iOS and Android

  • Access anywhere, anytime - maximizing ease and efficiency

  • No special hardware, backups, or manuals required

  • Online help and email support

  • Multiple, simultaneous users