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CatalogIt is an application for documenting the Story of Things. Each story begins with a single item — where, how, and by whom it was made; what it was used for; and how it came to be where it is today. As an item’s story unfolds, it is enriched with relationships to other items, people, and places based on shared physical characteristics and history. CatalogIt makes it easy to discover those interconnected stories, record them in detail, and present them in an accessible, inspiring format.


Capture, Preserve, and Share the Story of Things

Cataloging Reborn

CatalogIt Delivers




Use research-backed classifications to capture the pertinent details of each Entry and automatically link Entries with rich Profiles based on shared characteristics such as people, places, techniques, materials and more.



Manage collections with colleagues at your museum, home, office, and around the world; control access and permission levels, and collaborate in real-time to seamlessly classify, manage and share Entries.



Access your collections from iOS or Android smartphones, tablets, and laptop or desktop computers. Create an Entry with your mobile device’s camera and it’s immediately available for you or your colleagues to view and edit from any device.



View and access your collections via images rather than lists of text and numbers. Use the high-quality camera in your phone or tablet to effortlessly add images to your Entries or upload media directly from your hard drive or image file. Have peace of mind knowing your original image is never modified.

hassle-free SOLUTION


No special hardware, backups or maintenance needed. CatalogIt is a secure, subscription service that is available, anywhere, anytime. It uses strong, industry standard encryption and techniques to keep your data secure and accessible.

FOR web publishing


Easy Web publishing using the CatalogIt HUB or to your own Website using the CatalogIt integration API or WordPress plugins. Include only the Entries and data you want to share. Get noticed and mentioned, start conversations today!


For All Collections


CatalogIt Is For



  • Art & History Museums

  • Historic Houses & Preservation Societies

  • Libraries & Archives

  • Cultural Centers

Personal Collectors

  • Individuals

  • Families

  • Art Students


  • Family Offices

  • Corporate Collections

  • Learning Institutions

  • Fraternal & Religious Groups


  • Collection Consultants

  • Art Installers & Services

  • Display & Mounting Professionals

  • Appraisers


  • Fine Art

  • Objects

  • Textile

  • Paper

  • Metal


  • Painters

  • Sculptors

  • Printmakers

  • Photographers

  • Designers

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  • From $30/mo

  • 5+ Users

  • Easy Migration & Trial

  • CatalogIt HUB

  • FREE up to 100 Entries

For art & history museums, cultural centers, historic houses, preservation societies, libraries, archives


  • From $10/mo

  • 3+ Users

  • CatalogIt HUB

  • FREE up to 100 Entries

For individual & family collections, artists, students & estate planning


  • From $30/mo

  • 5+ Users

  • CatalogIt HUB

  • FREE up to 100 Entries

For family offices & corporate collections, learning institutions & not-for-profits that manage collections


  • From $30/mo

  • 5+ Users

  • Detailed Reporting

  • CatalogIt HUB

  • FREE up to 100 Entries

For all conservation & restoration professionals, including specialists in fine art, paper, textiles & metals

 Tell Your Story

CatalogIt HUB and Web Publishing

The CatalogIt HUB is the CatalogIt Web publishing platform. Subscribers can easily, quickly, and selectively publish any portion of their collection to the CatalogIt HUB to make their collections publicly discoverable, searchable and engaging! The HUB’s interface is so intuitive and easy to use, your collection is viewable to the world and available to educate the curious in a few clicks. Furthermore, the CatalogIt HUB gives you granular content control. Display as much or as little catalog information as you wish about your collection’s published objects.  

Museums, cultural organizations, community arts organizations, and private collectors use the CatalogIt HUB to increase public access to their collections and collection information.


With the CatalogIt HUB, subscribers can:

  • Selectively share only the Entries you want, easily and quickly

  • Create Folders to organize the presentation of the items you choose to display (by object type, era, ethnography, exhibit, etc.) 

  • Retain granular control of the data you share about your Entries  

  • Turn Web publishing On or Off in seconds

The CatalogIt HUB is currently available as a Beta feature to subscribers on request. CatalogIt also offers an integration API and WordPress plugins which enable publishing to your own Website.


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Transfer Your Existing Data

CatalogIt brings cutting-edge technology, real-time cloud collaboration, and intuitive, visual interactivity to your Collections Management System. Your existing records can be migrated from general-use formats (like spreadsheets or word processing documents) or from common existing museum cataloging software systems, like PastPerfect.

CatalogIt has successfully migrated collections from the following systems:

  • PastPerfect

  • FileMaker Pro

  • Spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers)

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Access

  • Eloquent

  • Koha

    … and any other system that allows you to export data into one or more .csv files.

If you don’t see the cataloging software you’re currently using on this list, please Contact Us to inquire about migrating your existing collection database.


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