Collection collaborators, experts who work with an assortment of clients-- private collectors, museums, organizations, conservators, appraisers, etc., can create a CatalogIt account for each client, based on their profile, and can access all of their clients’ accounts from a single login.   Expert professionals such as collection consultants, gallery managers, antiques dealers, and auction houses can easily navigate between accounts on any device to advise and service clients. Collaborators can manage accounts independently for clients or can be given account access and usage permission on an Account owned and managed by a private or institutional client.  No information is shared across accounts. Furthermore, each account has the flexibility to incorporate additional users on an as-needed basis, such as the private client, museum/organization staff, colleagues and other external collaboration professionals. Any CatalogIt account can be handed off to the client at the end of the discrete project.


CatalogIt pricing for Collection Collaborators is selected based on account types and client needs.


“CatalogIt is a simple yet comprehensive tool to track and organize collections of any kind. I’ve been using it for over a year with a few different types of collections - everything from Fine Art to historic collections - and it works great.”  Collections Consultant