Hello App Store and .app

The CatalogIt app is now officially in the Apple App Store which means no more TestFlight to install our app on your iPhone or iPad.  To install CatalogIt on your iPhone/iPad all you need to do is go to the App Store, search for CatalogIt, and install it- no different than how you install any other app on your device.  You can now safely delete the TestFlight app (unless, of course, you're using it for some other app). If you currently have the app installed using TestFlight all you need to do is update it using the App Store- it's that simple.  All subsequent updates will come through the App Store auto-magically.  We strongly recommend you allow your iPhone/iPad to auto-update the app (which is the default) since we'll be updating it regularly and you'll want to always be using the latest version.  We want to say thank you to all the users who braved installing TestFlight, helped us test the iOS version of the app, and made it what it currently is.  You’re not early-access users for nothing!!!  Thank you.  As for you Android users, stay tuned, we will be in Google Play soon...

Second, we have a new domain name (or web address).  We're officially now catalogit.app.  Catalogit.me was just a "placeholder" until the new .app top-level domain became available which Google released on May 1st.  We are really excited to have this domain- it was our plan all along to get catalogit.app when it became available.  We're big believers in the "app" economy and feel that having catalogit.app as our domain name reinforces who we are and what we do.  Today, most users know what an app is and how to install one- it better connects the dots and simplifies the user experience.  We believe the .app top-level domain will be very popular and didn't want to delay switching.  Don't worry, your current bookmarks will continue to work just fine; catalogit.me still works and soon will just auto-redirect to our new domain.  But, as soon as you can, please update your browser bookmarks to https://catalogit.app.  Catalogit.app- clean, simple, and, we hope, intuitive.  For the iPhone/iPad versions of the app, there is nothing to change- this only effects accessing the app from a browser.


Howard Burrows