Images in CatalogIt


CatalogIt currently allows you to attach images and PDF files to an entry - in the future, you will be able to attach video, audio, Excel, Word, and other file types. You can attach images in a variety of formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF and soon TIFF formats. When you attach an image, there’s a lot of work that happens in the background. CatalogIt automatically makes and stores several copies of the image in a variety of file sizes. This allows the app to deliver the appropriate size image to your device as you are viewing your entries. For example, CatalogIt sends small, low-res thumbnail images while you are scrolling through the entries, allowing the images to appear quickly, and larger, higher-res images when you view an entry. Furthermore, CatalogIt detects the resolution capability of your device and sends the image optimized for a high-res retina type display if that’s what you are using.

When you select an image (click on it while in view mode), CatalogIt displays a high-resolution version of the image which you can zoom in on and pan around if you wish. You can also download the original file (by clicking on the download icon in the upper left corner). CatalogIt will download to your device the original file that you uploaded.

For PDF files, CatalogIt creates an image of the first page of the PDF file for browsing and viewing purposes, but when you select that image (click on it while in view mode), and download it, the full original PDF is downloaded to your device. In the future, we’ll provide the ability to view the entire PDF from within the app.

Dan Rael